Change Log


8th March 2019 – Version 4.06 Released!

Bug Fixes
Better support for multiple laungage WordPress blogs
License system problems fixed

15th November 2017 – Version 4.04 Released!

New Features

[Manual] Load Installed Plugins
[Manual] Google Index Search (AT OWN RISK)
[Auto] Create New Posts (From Files) – Includes instant publication and scheduling!
[Auto] Post Count to CSV – Output how many posts per website to .csv spreadsheet
Bug Fixes
[Manual] Load Homepage of Blogs Only – Sub folder and sub domain loading fix
[Manua]l Badbot Checker – Sub folder and sub domain loading fix
[Manual] CopyScape Blogs – Sub folder and domain fix

12th June 2016 – Version 4.03 Released!

Speed Improvements

  • Login process speeded up by 5 seconds per website

New Features

  • Sub domain and Sub Folder WordPress Installs Support Added (See example-sites.csv for .csv format)

Bug Fixes

  • Auto Posting (Instant and Scheduled) Bug Fix – Content Not Being Posted
  • [Auto] delete all pages bug fix
  • [Auto] Delete all posts bug fix
  • [Auto] Delete all Comments bug fix
  • Instant Create New Posts bug fix
  • Captcha recognition bug fix

3rd June 2016 – Version 4.01 Released!

Speed Improvements

  • Auto Updated Completed Much Faster (about 3x faster)

GUI Improvements

  • [Auto] Upload & Activate Multi Plugins – Added Completion Message When PBN Manager Pro Completed.
  • Run Status Added To Interface
  • Added New Start / Pause / Stop buttons
  • Minimize to Tray Button Added

24th May 2016 – Version 4.0 Released!

17 New Features Have Been Added To V4.0:

[Auto] Create New Pages
[Auto] Install & Activate Random Theme
[Auto] Upload & Activate Multi Plugins
[Auto] Install Block BadBots Plugin
[Auto] Upload & Activate Theme
[Auto] Delete All Comments (in Trash)
[Auto] Delete All Posts
[Auto] Delete All Posts (in Trash)
[Auto] Delete All Pages
[Auto] Delete All Pages (in Trash)
[Auto] Create & Download Website Backups
[Manual] Load User Profile Page
[Manual] Load Change Password Page
[Manual] Load WP Settings Page
[Manual] Load Manage Posts
[Manual] Load Manage Pages
[Manual] Load Themes Page


Bug Fixes / Other Improvements:

[Auto] Create new posts – Scheduling (Drip Feeding) is now possible so you can drip feed your posts over days/weeks or months.

Upload & Activate Speed Improvement (PBN Manager Pro Now Uploads & Activated a lot quicker!)

PBN Manager Pro Success Message For Backups & Updates – Message will appear in browser window to show updates or backups are completed.

Recaptcha check added to WP-admin login pages (Will ask for manual input if captcha appears on login page).

Main dropdown menu layout changed into categories and made into the same order as Features List for ease of knowing what certain features do.

27th April 2016 – SOFTWARE UPDATE

NEW RELEASE – Version 1.2 of PBN Manager Pro has been released. Please update your installation by DOWNLOADING the NEW Version.

2 new features added:

[Auto] Create New Posts – Allows you to automatically mass post spintax articles to your WordPress blogs.

[Auto] Update WordPress Version – (Will auto update your WordPress installations)

24th April 2016

Version V1.1 has been released with a bug fixed that caused problems with Logging in.